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I’m having a really tough time this week.
Remember how I was 147? Not anymore. I gained back everything I’ve eve lost, which brought me to 164. So I started this new thing and last week I got down to 158 but now I weigh in with my doctor on Friday and I gained a pound back cause I’ve been cheating a little here and there. This is just so restricting. But now I have to somehow lose four pounds in the next three days so whatever.
Gosh I hate myself








What my fridge will look like when I live in my own house.

I hate how my mother grocery shops.

yes yes yes


This is like, my DREAM fridge.

I would love to have a fridge like this. Mine only has unhealthy shit.

I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem

dying of jealousy


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Okay. I’ve so been slacking but on January 2nd here we go. By prom, I need to be in the 120’s. I’m currently 155 again, so that kind of sucks. But I’m definitely starting up again. Messages and whatnots of encouragement are very welcome(: Have a happy new year!

This is not fitness related at all, but…

Tonight was our first football game so we had to take buses there and this girl sat behind me on the bus and she smells really bad. I was texting my boyfriend and he’s like “you should pass her a note” and I’m like “yes, and this is what it will say: Hoe, you best be gettin yo nasty ass in dat shower lata cuz, guuuuuurl, you stanky.” and it was really funny because she’s one of the smelliest in the band and that’s kinda bad, because there are over 140 kids in our band. So yeah, I just thought that was kinda funny. and it isn’t like, she can’t help it, you know? She smells of dog piss and cat shit and BO and nasty. So, yeah. That’s my letter to her.

Day 15: No, I am not.

Day 16: I first decided to lose weight last year around the time I did this year. I went from 164 to 154, and then I kind of stopped, so now I’m picking it up again and thankfully I only gained about two-three pounds.

Day 17: Nope

Day 18: Lebanese food. And I’m more Lebanese than anything else, so it’s at most of my family functions.

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